Apple Watch vs. Samsung Gear – What is the best fitness watch?

The Samsung Galaxy watch faces stiff competition from Apple watch series 4 which will be launched in the near future. Apple presently comes across as the industry leader in wearable technology. Prime new features such as fall detection, an inbuilt electrocardiogram and a larger display will further consolidate the brand’s position.

Samsung too has come up with a new Galaxy watch, based upon the Tizen OS. It features a 4 day battery life and a built-in LTE. This has been cited to be the best watch for Android users. It is overall a sleeker and a sportier version with an even more focus on health and fitness.

Either of the watches is packed with a number of smart features such as offline music storage, GPS, heart rate monitor, mobile payments and LTE connectivity. They are both swim proof watches.

The Apple watch alerts people when their heart rate spikes outside of their workouts. We hence come across a number of stories wherein an Apple watch saved a life.

Series 4 watches supplement the prevailing functionality. They let a user know not only when their heart rate is high, but when it is low as well. The watches figure out when a wearer suffers a fall. They start an emergency call automatically if the wearer doesn’t move post falling beyond a minute.

Apple Series 4 watches also feature an electrocardiogram which is approved by FDA. Just by placing your finger over a digital crown, the watch detects the wearer’s heart rhythm. If there is a requirement for atrial fibrillation, the watch lets the wearer know.

The Galaxy watch, on the other hand comes with some fine health features that were present in prior Samsung watches as well. A stress management feature defines when your heart rate is high. It guides one through breathing exercises, which bring the heart rate down. The Apple watch too has a similar tool which is known as Breathe.

Heart rate alerts and motivational features are additional in the Apple watch. Going by the present releases, the Apple watch is creating benchmarks among health tracking smartwatches.

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